Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Time

So, now Sawyer knows "Jingle Bells", "Away in a Manger", a few words of "Do You See What I See", and now... "Frosty The Snowman." It really is just "Frosty the Snowman, really happy soul" followed by a bunch of made up words. But cute nonetheless. I don't have a video up yet, but I'm working on it. I will say that most of the shoppers with me at the mall last Friday got a front seat view as he was singing them (one right after the other) pretty much at the top of his lungs! One lady laughed- I told her that at least he wasn't crying! (which is usually how the shopping trips go- especially if he is confined in the stroller or at Kohl's). Tonight we went to see Santa- rather Santa Don, as we call him. We love Santa Don- he attends our church, his wife (Mrs. Claus) is our church secretary. Ivan and I decided that we would dress up on the thought that we might have to be in the pic, but were hopeful we wouldn't. All week long, Sawyer has been talking about Santa and telling us what he was going to ask Santa for. We thought "Right on- we'll be ok...." Yeah.... no. Sawyer RAN in to the mall, so excited to see Santa: "I see Santa now, I see Santa now!" Right up to Santa- then stopped dead in his tracks. So, as you can see- it was a family picture with Santa this year. Last year, no picture due to snow. Perhaps, next year a Sawyer alone with Santa pic??

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jingle Bell Stripper

It's Christmas time- and that means Christmas music. And if your child is attending 2 preschools, it means 2 different Christmas performances- complete with different Christmas music. Apparently Noah's Place (his Monday preschool) is singing Jingle Bells (I remember this now as they sent home the words and CD in OCTOBER.... I just don't remember where I left it....) So now Sawyer is loving the song and sings it every single time he hears the tune. Did you know that a lot of Christmas radio and TV advertisements have Jingle Bells as their tune??? We were in Tucson last week and while it wasn't 'warm' by their definition (mid-60's), it was warm enough for us to wear capris and shorts (with a light sweatshirt, just in case!) I guess Sawyer got accustomed to that weather and is having difficulty with adjusting back to this weather. Around 7:30 every night so far that we have been home, he has stripped off his shirt. He thinks it's hilarious to not have a shirt on.... I laugh cause he looks ridiculous. Then I wonder if we need to turn the heat down a degree or two? This video is him singing Jingle Bells at about that 7:30 pm mark. I originally took the camera out to video him rearranging the snowman- he would change one part, then step back, cross his arms, and say "hmmmm." Then he would step back and change it again and do the whole process over and over. I was laughing so hard at it and figured I HAD to get that on camera.... you can see what I captured instead :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well, we're in Tucson for Thanksgiving and a 10 day vacation. We're excited to be away from Oregon, but at the same time.... missing it a little more each day. I'm missing Sawyer not sleeping... I'm really missing that.... For example- the kid was awake Thanksgiving morning at 4:30 am (our plane took off at 6:30) didn't take a nap at all and went to bed around 8:30/9. Next morning he's up at 7... seriously. There's hope that this is just a phase while we are here in Tucson... right? But I do like the cuddles at 6 this morning.... that I love. :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crying Rain

Today we headed to IKEA for a new TV stand. On the way, it rained..... buckets.... flooding highways.... we were stopped in traffic and the big raindrops from the bridge above were hitting the roof of our car heavily. Sawyer asked what that was he heard. I told him it was the rain. He said (in the usual new fashion) Why rain? (Why is it raining?) I told him the clouds were sad and they were crying. He replied: "No sad clouds mommy- happy." So tonight when it had stopped raining, he said "Oh! Happy clouds now." :)
The picture is from our lunch at Wild Buffalo Wings near IKEA. His hat says "Wild One"- a fitting hat for him. Taken with my phone, so it's not a great pic (sorry) :)

Monday, November 2, 2009


In getting ready for Halloween, we were telling Sawyer that in order to get candy, he needed to say 'trick-or-treat.' We had been working on this for a month..... Friday night we were sitting at the kitchen table and asked him to say it. He replied: 'nope.' We informed him that if he doesn't say it, he doesn't get candy- he jumped right in and said "trick-or-treat' 5 times over and extremely loudly! :) Goofball.... Fast forward to Saturday night.... He wanted to ring the doorbell and when it opened, he (sometimes) would say it, but it's all good. Upon leaving, we'd get down the driveway and he'd look at us and say 'more please.' :) So we trick-or-treated for an hour and half- not too bad for a 2 1/2 year old! A good night was had by Sawyer- I, on the other hand.......

Thursday, October 29, 2009

SAW.... the 'power' tool

Tonight we carved our pumpkins. We had picked 2 from the pumpkin farm when we went with my parents. We also had 3 'Sugar Pie' pumpkins from my school field trip that Sawyer attended. We found a Thomas pumpkin carving template for one, and the others we just free handed. I decided that Sawyer could scoop the seeds of one of the smaller ones and that would work. He HATED the feel of the seeds last year and apparently hasn't grown out of that because he looked at me like he was saying "seriously?" So after that went.... he wanted to cut the pumpkin. I handed him the saw and showed him to cut dot to dot.... then he wanted to do more lines... all over the pumpkin. He couldn't get enough of the saw! Apparently it's an ingrained male trait.... :) It's only a matter of time before he moves on to 'power'...... *sigh* I fear for all wood around my house. (and it's not letting me post the funny pictures of the carving here, so check them out on my FB page!)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I've tried squash. Many times. I've tried acorn squash the way my mom likes it- lots of butter and brown sugar. I've tried spaghetti squash as a substitute for pasta (NOTHING takes the place of pasta!). I just don't like squash that way. I like steamed zucchini and yellow squash- I'm good with those. But I bought a squash last week at the pumpkin patch because Peggy said it was the 'least squash-tasting' squash. I cooked it and ate it tonight with butter and salt. It wasn't bad- I'll admit it. Why am I telling you all this? Because I used to make Sawyer's baby food. When he first started eating vegetables, I cooked squash and sweet potatoes and mashed them up for him. All fresh and he loved them- especially the squash. So tonight as I'm preparing my cooked squash, I asked him if he would like some. He politely told me "no thank you mommy." I still put a small piece on his plate, thinking he would perhaps have a change of mind. During dinner, he pointed it out and asked "what's that?" I answered that it was the squash. He said "I no want that- here"- and handed it to me. I informed him that when he was a baby, he ate squash all the time and really liked it. He looked at me very intently and said: "I no baby now mommy. I big boy. I eat that when baby, I no eat that now." I couldn't argue. It was a wonderful explanation and excuse. At least he ate the other vegetables on his plate :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Introduction

I guess the name of my blog says it all :) I will admit that I have the capability to be stubborn (often!) and my husband is outrageously stubborn as well. I guess stubborn breeds stubborn because our son is the epitome of stubborn! He'll be 3 in February and has gone through the "Terrible Twos" and is jumping right into the "Trying Threes." My hope for this blog is to have a place to tell his tales- the good, the bad; and of course, the stubborn trying times that hopefully have lessons learned (eventually!)