Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crying Rain

Today we headed to IKEA for a new TV stand. On the way, it rained..... buckets.... flooding highways.... we were stopped in traffic and the big raindrops from the bridge above were hitting the roof of our car heavily. Sawyer asked what that was he heard. I told him it was the rain. He said (in the usual new fashion) Why rain? (Why is it raining?) I told him the clouds were sad and they were crying. He replied: "No sad clouds mommy- happy." So tonight when it had stopped raining, he said "Oh! Happy clouds now." :)
The picture is from our lunch at Wild Buffalo Wings near IKEA. His hat says "Wild One"- a fitting hat for him. Taken with my phone, so it's not a great pic (sorry) :)

Monday, November 2, 2009


In getting ready for Halloween, we were telling Sawyer that in order to get candy, he needed to say 'trick-or-treat.' We had been working on this for a month..... Friday night we were sitting at the kitchen table and asked him to say it. He replied: 'nope.' We informed him that if he doesn't say it, he doesn't get candy- he jumped right in and said "trick-or-treat' 5 times over and extremely loudly! :) Goofball.... Fast forward to Saturday night.... He wanted to ring the doorbell and when it opened, he (sometimes) would say it, but it's all good. Upon leaving, we'd get down the driveway and he'd look at us and say 'more please.' :) So we trick-or-treated for an hour and half- not too bad for a 2 1/2 year old! A good night was had by Sawyer- I, on the other hand.......