Thursday, June 17, 2010


This post will be dedicated to the "Sawyer"-isms: the funny things he says and does.

July 23rd:

Tonight as we are watching America's Funniest Home Videos, there was a video of triplets. He was watching it and turned to me and said "I don't want THAT many babies."

While reading our nighttime book, he turns to me, puts his hand over my mouth and says "mom- stop talking. I have to bless you." HUH?????? OH!!! Sneeze!

At Sweet Tomatoes last week, I told him he could have either an ice cream cone there or popcorn once we got to Target. He told me he wanted popcorn. We continued our lunch.... then he says "mom, I changed my mind. I want ice cream." "are you sure?" I responded. "Yes." So we get our ice cream and go about our errands. We pull into the Target parking lot and he says: "Mom, I changed my mind again. I want popcorn." "Um, Soy? You can't change your mind AFTER you consume your decision!"

On wanting something at the store and me informing him we're not buying it: "It's okay, Mom- Dad has money."

Recently on a trip down to Wilsonville, I bumped into the median (while looking for the place I was going to) and knocked one of my hubcaps off. Sawyer gets out, looks at it and says "It's ok. Dad can fix it."

He wants to see 'his' baby.... he, however, doesn't understand that he cannot see his baby by looking down my shirt. :)

Sawyer and Ivan are roughhousing on the floor tonight.... "Dad- why your boobs coming out of your shirt?" (he was wearing a tank top....) we couldn't stop laughing... "Dad, Mom- why you laughing? What's so funny?"

Ivan and Sawyer went upstairs so Sawyer could get money out of his piggy bank to buy a new police car. Sawyer went into our room and tucked 'Blue' in. Ivan said "Oh, is Blue tired?" Sawyer: "No- Blue needs a rest. He gave me attitude yesterday." :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

AH.... the blissful sound of....

Sawyer is at a point in his life where naps are optional.... or so he believes. Thing is- if he doesn't take a nap, a meltdown ensues at 5 pm and it doesn't get any easier as the night drags on. By bedtime, he's so exhausted that his whiny, overtired voice grates on everything- and the procrastination! OMG! Those are the nights that Ivan and I come downstairs and don't talk to each other for about 30 mins to decompress. The days that we are active and he's needing a nap, I put him down and he screams for an hour easy.... then finally wears out and falls asleep. It's hit or miss if he wakes up happy too.... I wish there was an easier way to figure this out. It's wearing on all of us. Mommy and Daddy would really like to take naps too at some point....