Monday, February 25, 2013

This birthday was bound to be epic.....

A few months ago, one of my besties and I purchased a Groupon for Archers Afield in Tigard.  It was a 30 minute private lesson for 4. We took our oldest boys and had a date night.  If you are unfamiliar with Archers Afield, it's an archery store with indoor lanes and a separate room for private lessons.  Upon entering, I saw "birthday parties" mentioned in the window.  Guess where my soon-to-be-6-year-old wanted his birthday party?!?!  So we finalized the guest list and got the Star Wars invitations sent.  Then I started thinking...I'm going to willingly give 14 kids between 6 and 9 bows and arrows- wth was I THINKING?!?!?!  I figured it was going to be epic- epic awesomeness or epic fail including ambulance rides. Friends, it was epic AWESOMENESS.  It was amazing!  The kids had a half hour lesson with Steven and they listened- focused the whole time! Then had snacks and cupcakes (while the parents got a turn!). Then another half hour of archery for the kids.  All the kids said it was "the best party ever!"
Steven giving the lesson

My 6 year old taking aim.

The first round begins....

The targets- they actually put the balloons up and I had printed some Star Wars villains off for the kids to aim at.  Prizes were given to any kid that hit and popped a balloon (each kid ended up hitting at least one)  :-)

The food: 

The main table- each kid had a water bottle with "Jedi Warrior" and their name on it. Clone Trooper helmets courtesy of my bestie and her sister (also a friend) .

Cupcakes- chocolate box mix with blue frosting and silver sprinkles for that "space" look.  The toppers were Star Wars confetti glued onto black cardstock that I used the hole punch for and sandwiched a toothpick in between.  There is a villain on one side and a good guy on the other.  

The food table: from left to right is: Yoda Soda (green Kool-Aid), Light Sabers (skewers of cantaloupe, pineapple, and strawberry), Vader Veggies and Droid Dip (Ranch)

Continuing on we have Obi-Wan Kornobi (Popcorn), Wookie Cookies (Animal Crackers and Nilla Wafers), Ewok Snacks (Pirate Booty, Goldfish, Pretzel mix), and Galatic Grapes (who's name tag was forgotten.... grrr....)  Along the back of the table were extra water bottles for the parents- their tags read "Jedi Council." 

A closeup of the targets. 

The after shot of all the kids. :) 

I couldn't resist putting this one in either- it's a picture of my hubby and my youngest (2).  It's so adorable, don't you think?!?!

I was amazed at this party- for the cost and what you received, excellent!!!  

Happy Birthday my dear Sawyer.  May this year be filled with wonder, amazement, and laughter daily.  I love you. 

Monday, February 11, 2013


This is the Baby. 

The Baby now sleeps in his toddler bed and has since right before he turned 2 and crawled out of the crib.... no big deal... Except now he isn't taking a bottle (which is TOTALLY fine) and we had to sit in his room until he fell asleep.  (which totally sucks)  Some parents would say "let him cry it out," (my hubby included), but that seemed a little extreme... So we've begun a routine:  We hug and kiss and then I kiss all his stuffed animals in bed with him and then we do a prayer (short and sweet).  I turn his music on and leave the door open, telling him I'll come check on him if he lays quietly.  Last night, however, was part "ADORABLE!" and part "Procrastination"....

I told him that it's time to pray and he folded his hands and squinted his eyes shut.   I said "God, please let me sleep good tonight. Amen." After he said "More." Thinking that he wanted kisses, I oblige. He said "More." I ask, "More what?" He folds his hands and squints his eyes shut-he wants more praying!! So we pray " Bless mommy and daddy and CeCe (Sawyer)." I give him a kiss and he says "More" as he's folding his hands again. I tell him to try it on his own- say "Hi God. Amen." I leave the room and talk to Sawyer, overhearing "Hi Gah. Ameh" over and over again. Sooooo stinkin' cute :)


It has been a very long hiatus from blogging.  I don't know why.  There have been a lot of crazy things in the past year and time just flew on by, completely forgetting this little blog.  In August, I had surgery to remove a mass on my thyroid that was roughly 3/4 the size of your fist.  That was a little scary..... I had to be put under general and I've never had that, so that was an interesting time.... :)
My oldest began Full Day Kindergarten... I cried.  Not going to lie.  But I cried after I took him to school and left him in his class with his teacher, whom I ADORE! So that's showing restraint, I think. :)
(Thanks Pinterest for the chalkboard idea....) 

I began my 4th year as director at the preschool and I still LOVE my job.  I drive 30 mins each way- I wouldn't if I didn't love it :)  

My hubby started a new job (finally!).  He's driving a box truck making automotive deliveries all over Oregon.  His company appreciates him and that's something he didn't have before. They told him "thank you" on his first day and he teared up- in the 5 years at the other company, no one ever told him that.  Amazing how being considerate and polite will get you happier employees.... hmmm... :)

The baby turned 2.  When did that happen?! The Baby and the Kinder have the same size waist... The Baby had a Train-themed party and it was a lot of fun. :)  

Yes... that is a chip on his head.... Yes, I took the picture and then told him to take it off... at least it wasn't dipped in guacamole when he placed it on his head. :) 

So that's the quick "what's-happened-in-the-last-few-months-since-I-don't-follow-you-on-Facebook" :)
I promise to write more. :)