Friday, September 24, 2010


Sadly it's upon us.... don't get me wrong- I LOVE fall. I love the crisp air, the falling leaves, the cooler weather. It's definitely Crockpot soup season and snuggling under a blanket at the end of the day. I'm just not READY for fall. Perhaps it's because we haven't really HAD a summer up here this summer. And wouldn't you know it- just as I'm ready to get into fall, the weather decides to climb back up into the upper 70's, possibly hitting 80 this weekend. Nevertheless, I did a fall project with Sawyer this afternoon. I went to Target with the thought that I would get a roll of brown packing paper to make a tree, double sided sticky tape to tape it to the front window, and then make leaves, etc to have them 'fall'ing off the tree. Brown packing paper- $4.99.... turn the corner and found a pack of manila colored construction paper- on clearance- 49 cents! :) Guess which one I got?! We also found gel leaf clings to add to the window. Then I got coffee filters for Sawyer to color so we could make more leaves. I put the tree up on the window this afternoon (in the direct sunshine and it was HOT!), then let Sawyer begin applying the gel leaves and the 'watercolor' leaves he made at school.
Our coffee filter leaves are still drying and will be added tomorrow. But here are some pictures of his trees- he's so proud of them and clapped happily when we had to leave the house and he could see the tree from the outside. :)

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