Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer '11 Post #1

It seems as though we've been busy.... a LOT this summer, but I can't pinpoint exactly where the summer went or what specifically we did.  My summer hours vary, so I worked those hours around camps, visits, etc.  Sawyer has been involved in so many camps this summer!  Two sessions of swimming, VBS, Zoo Camp, Tennis Lessons, and "Bug" Camp.  Not really sure why we didn't think about this before... but Sawyer (the self-proclaimed Know-It-ALL) has now gone to 3 curriculum-driven camps.... so now we have a MAJOR Know-It-All.  :)  Sitting at the baseball field today watching a friend play, we noticed a bee buzzing around.  Sawyer asked me what the bee was doing, I told him the bee was collecting pollen.  He went on to inform me EXACTLY how the bee collects pollen and what he does with it, etc...  It was so cool to sit and have this wonderful intellectual conversation with him.  :)  

So, in looking back on some pictures I've taken this summer, I thought I'd do a picture re-cap.  I'm thinking that 3 months of pictures is going to take a while, so here's the first posting of our summer. :) 

Clover Pictures:
The clover was out and I couldn't resist taking the boys out to shoot some pictures!

Sherwood Drive-In:  Car show in downtown Sherwood.  We love walking around and looking at all the different cars since each one of us has their own favorite era/make :)
The Police Cars are Sawyer's favorite!
Father's Day:  My grandparents were sick on Mother's Day so they couldn't come down to celebrate the holiday with us and decided to come for Father's Day instead.  We converged on my parents' house, where Sawyer's "job" is to water the plants. 

Some Generation Pictures:
So clockwise from bottom left: Finley, (great) Grandpa (my dad's dad), Ivan, Papa (my dad), Sawyer.  

Finley, Sawyer, (Great) Grandma (my dad's mom), my mom (Ama), and me
Finally pics of my boys just being themselves. :)
That's all for tonight and post number one.  It's way past my bedtime and I need some sleep tonight. :)  

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