Thursday, October 29, 2009

SAW.... the 'power' tool

Tonight we carved our pumpkins. We had picked 2 from the pumpkin farm when we went with my parents. We also had 3 'Sugar Pie' pumpkins from my school field trip that Sawyer attended. We found a Thomas pumpkin carving template for one, and the others we just free handed. I decided that Sawyer could scoop the seeds of one of the smaller ones and that would work. He HATED the feel of the seeds last year and apparently hasn't grown out of that because he looked at me like he was saying "seriously?" So after that went.... he wanted to cut the pumpkin. I handed him the saw and showed him to cut dot to dot.... then he wanted to do more lines... all over the pumpkin. He couldn't get enough of the saw! Apparently it's an ingrained male trait.... :) It's only a matter of time before he moves on to 'power'...... *sigh* I fear for all wood around my house. (and it's not letting me post the funny pictures of the carving here, so check them out on my FB page!)

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