Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jingle Bell Stripper

It's Christmas time- and that means Christmas music. And if your child is attending 2 preschools, it means 2 different Christmas performances- complete with different Christmas music. Apparently Noah's Place (his Monday preschool) is singing Jingle Bells (I remember this now as they sent home the words and CD in OCTOBER.... I just don't remember where I left it....) So now Sawyer is loving the song and sings it every single time he hears the tune. Did you know that a lot of Christmas radio and TV advertisements have Jingle Bells as their tune??? We were in Tucson last week and while it wasn't 'warm' by their definition (mid-60's), it was warm enough for us to wear capris and shorts (with a light sweatshirt, just in case!) I guess Sawyer got accustomed to that weather and is having difficulty with adjusting back to this weather. Around 7:30 every night so far that we have been home, he has stripped off his shirt. He thinks it's hilarious to not have a shirt on.... I laugh cause he looks ridiculous. Then I wonder if we need to turn the heat down a degree or two? This video is him singing Jingle Bells at about that 7:30 pm mark. I originally took the camera out to video him rearranging the snowman- he would change one part, then step back, cross his arms, and say "hmmmm." Then he would step back and change it again and do the whole process over and over. I was laughing so hard at it and figured I HAD to get that on camera.... you can see what I captured instead :)

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