Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh The Thinks You Can Think!

Did you ever a feeling there's a nink in the sink?
Or a wocket in your pocket?

Perhaps we should Hop On Pop?
Yes, it was Dr. Seuss' birthday March 2nd.
Celebrations ensued
all day long-
I made deviled Green Eggs for my teachers
and you got to wear your pajamas to
and watched Horton Hears A Who.
For dinner I made you: green eggs and ham and

Cat In The Hat striped pancakes.

Did you like green eggs and ham?
Yes you did like green eggs and ham!

You ate them here and there.
Sawyer- you ate them everywhere! :)

I also made Cat In The Hat striped
graham crackers for dessert.
"Dr. Seuss" called you too!

It's just too bad daddy was in the bathroom at the time-
he missed the whole phone call!!!

But you and daddy read 2 Dr. Seuss books after dinner :)

Oh The Places You'll Go! :)

Author's Note: Yes, I know I did a lot tonight for dinner. But it's a cool thing to celebrate and we got to have fun with it. Yes, I know I'll have to do this every year. Yes, I'm okay with it. In fact... I think there's a "Green Eggs and Ham" cookbook......

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