Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pilot In Training

My dad has his private pilot's license and enjoys flying on the weekends. Sawyer has been infatuated with planes forever! In fact, when he was just about a year- he saw a plane in the air and said "Papa." We had only told him once that Papa flies airplanes! Papa and Soy have really bonded over the airplanes, even reading the AOPA magazines. Papa bought an airplane book recently that has over 300 different airplanes in it. The same day they looked at it for the first time, Sawyer could flip through the book and find the plane that Papa flies. So Papa decided to take him down to the airport he flies out of and show him around the plane, let him sit in it, etc. We've already decided that Sawyer has to be 5 before going up with Papa- it's a maturity thing. 3's just too early. So Papa, Ama, and Soy went to the Aurora Airport. They began inside the building looking at the topography maps. One of the flight instructors was there and of course, Papa had to show Soy off:
Papa: Sawyer- where are the wings on the airplane Papa flies?
Sawyer: On the top!
Papa: Sawyer- how many engines does it have?
Sawyer: ONE! (proudly showing one finger)
Flight Instructor to Papa: Start saving your money now- he's going to be a fly boy!
So Papa and Sawyer went out to the plane. Papa showed Soy all around the plane and sat him inside. Sawyer got to play with the buttons and the steering.

He kept asking Papa to take him up. :) Then Papa needed to take off, so Sawyer and Ama watched Papa take off- and Sawyer kept wanting to watch Papa (even when he was out of sight).

So now we're going to have a fireman who will be flying on the weekend.... adrenaline junkie in training? Perhaps instead of saving money for flying lessons, we should save money for hospital bills..... :)

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