Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break Adventure Day #1- Bob's Red Mill

Today is Spring Break!  YEY!  Or not because I now have two children at home... all day... with nothing planned.... I decided that we were going to go out and do different experiences "adventures" throughout the week.  Some of the ones we've done before, some are new.  Here's our adventure day #1: Bob's Red Mill....

We began by putting the address in and away we go.... 
Bob's Red Mill is located in Milwaukie and it's open to the public for a tour from 10-11 am.  
Waiting for the tour

The tour began with a 15 minute video about the mill, Bob, etc.  Don't really remember it and neither probably did anyone else.  Then our tour began in the gluten free area of the mill.
Sawyer looking in the window watching the forklifts.

 We stayed in that area for 30 minutes.  Now, if you are keeping timing, we're at 45 minutes of the 'hour' long tour.  She was a great 'adult' tour guide, not so much on the 'kid-friendly' tour guide, sadly.... I ended up even losing interest. :)   But then Al came in and took the kids aside to show them how to mill wheat.  He gave them a piece of the wheat and let them bang and smash the wheat to get the seeds. 
Smashing wheat = good way to take out frustration :) 

Feeling the different flour textures based on the different milling. 
We moved on to the other side of the mill and got to look at some antique mill tools (which was the second most interesting part- the first being the kid's activity)  About an hour and 15 minutes into the tour, Sawyer turns to me and says "I'm kinda bored- can we go now?"  I heartily agreed with his statement and we left to the next place.
Many thanks to the homeschooling mom of 4 (now grown) kids who volunteered to take our picture!

 Our next stop on our adventure was to see the mill's products in action and so we ventured 2 miles down the street to the original Bob's Red Mill- now a restaurant and store.  It is cramped in there!  We found our way to the lunch counter and ordered our lunch- Sawyer: a PB&J, me: Grilled Cheese with a tomato basil soup (the weather totally called for it!).  We climbed the stairs and sat next to the window.  When our lunch arrived, Sawyer took a bite and exclaimed "This is the best sandwich ever!" 
The hambone :) 
 After our delicious lunch, we stopped outside at the wagon wheel.  Sawyer is in awe of water wheels now and asks questions all the time :)  
The water wheel.

 We most definitely will be making this a lunch stop sometime this summer.  I would like to have some time to go through the store and purchase some of the yummy bread, cake, and muffin mixes.  

Every night this week, we have enrolled Sawyer in a special Spring Break swimming session. He swims until 7:55, then gets into jammies, comes home and goes to bed.  My thought?  Get him tired so he'll sleep!!  :)  Must have worked since he didn't wake up until 8:30 Tuesday morning :) 

The fish.

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