Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break Adventure Day #2- Oregon Zoo

Today's adventure is nothing new- the Oregon Zoo.  We have a membership and love to go there.  It was 'supposed' to be a mostly dry day... yeah, the weathermen don't know anything!  It was drizzly... and fortunately only turned to rain after we were back in the car.  This marks Finley's first 'real' trip to the zoo (the first was Zoolights and he was 3 weeks old and slept through the whole thing so it doesn't count!)
Off we go! 
The lions are one of my favorites (must be high school brainwashing....)  
So beautiful!
This was also Finn's first trip sitting in the stroller rather than being in the carseat in the stroller.... he was good with it as long as it was moving!  

 On to the Lorikeets... which I will tell you - I HATE!  I don't like birds to begin with and then they are all flying around and dive bombing you and then you can buy these stupid nectar cups and walk in with it and let many of them land on you... at the same time... *shudder*

Sawyer, however, LOVES them.  The things you do for your children....
me to Sawyer: "Turn JUST your head.... "

Then to the tigers and leopard.  The leopard was snuggled up (he wasn't a fan of the rain (sorry-drizzle!) either!)  Once Sawyer realized the leopard couldn't get through the glass, he was okay with me taking this picture: 
:)  Had to- it looks so cool!

Finn woke up in time to see the fish on our way out.  I will say he LOVED the penguins.  The others *shrug* not so much. :)  (this time....)  

Our second stop was to take Ama out to lunch- at Guild's. LOVE Guild's.. they have an amazing dill macaroni salad- which Sawyer tells me "I want my OWN salad- I don't want to share with you." :)

Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventure: Oaks Park Roller Skating and Slappy Cakes Restaurant!

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