Monday, April 4, 2011

Seafood Snatcher....

March 18th was my dad's birthday.  Whenever one of us has a birthday, they get to decide the restaurant.  Dad chose Red Lobster. (YES! I can have seafood!)  So we all went. I order clam chowder to begin with.  When it comes, Sawyer asks for some. 

 So I let him have 1/2 of my bowl.  He finishes it and asks for more.... serious?!  I ordered another bowl and he ate 1/2 of that!

Then I ordered crab legs (since I NEVER get them!).  I'm thinking that it was because you have to use tools with your dinner and that holds a certain appeal for boys... but Sawyer came over to investigate and help.  I informed him that if he cracked it, he had to eat it- those are the rules....

Yeah... lost 2 crab legs to him too.  I'm glad that he likes seafood.  Really.  I think next time, we'll just order one and split it. :)

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