Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Tree Shopping

I don't know what it is.  Perhaps it's the crisp air, the trekking around on the mountain side, or just being out with my family, but moving up here has designated that we cut our own Christmas tree.  When we lived in Arizona, we had the "box-it-up" kind, but that just doesn't fly up here for me :)  This year we have moved the family room up into what was the "pool table room" (or living room if you didn't have a pool table...whatever), so that meant that we could get a HUGE GINORMOUS TREE!!!!!  That is, until you remember that how ever tall it is, usually means that it's width also grows exponentially.  So I dialed it down to BIGGER THAN LAST YEAR BUT NOT HUGE tree. :) 
We went to the place we found new last year.  LOVE this place- $25/tree. Period.  It's the Sunny Day Farms in Sherwood.  Anyways, it began with a sleeping baby, lovingly placed in the Kelty (which hasn't been used in 3 years) and shifted ever-so-softly to my back (since my hubs is the one that cuts the tree down).  Mittens placed upon baby's cold little hands and the hood of his jacket placed gently on his head..... which woke him up.  After a 10 minute nap.  Great.  I should mention now that he HATES hats and mittens..... cause along the way of traipsing through the rows and rows (not in an orderly fashion either- just randomly cutting through the trees), he lost a mitten.  Apparently he uses his teeth (which more came in over Thanksgiving) and pulls them off.  Bye bye one mitten.  I have no idea where he lost it and there's no way I'm going to carry a 25 lb baby in a 4 lb Kelty over rough terrain, backtracking to possibly find the one lost mitten.  Carrying on, my parents were first to find their tree.  
Then it was our turn.  We had a "tiny" problem finding a tall enough tree.  Our front windows are like 12 feet tall... putting a 6 ft tree in front of it would look stupid.  We went up the hill to the barn to regroup and have a hot chocolate break.  Then back down to the other side to look for ours, finally settling on one that was tall enough and would work....
It didn't look that big around on the mountain....
Anyways- Sawyer was a huge help holding the tree while the boys (my dad and my hubby) cut it down, but I'm not posting a picture of that.... I'm going to post an adorable picture of him instead. :)  He is holding the tree, so I'm not really lying....

Then, in an attempt to get a picture of the baby, I turned the camera around:
Hatless and mittenless..... *sigh*

Back up to the top of the mountain where we took a couple of family pictures. :)
I'll blog about the tree trimming in the next post. :)

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