Monday, February 11, 2013


It has been a very long hiatus from blogging.  I don't know why.  There have been a lot of crazy things in the past year and time just flew on by, completely forgetting this little blog.  In August, I had surgery to remove a mass on my thyroid that was roughly 3/4 the size of your fist.  That was a little scary..... I had to be put under general and I've never had that, so that was an interesting time.... :)
My oldest began Full Day Kindergarten... I cried.  Not going to lie.  But I cried after I took him to school and left him in his class with his teacher, whom I ADORE! So that's showing restraint, I think. :)
(Thanks Pinterest for the chalkboard idea....) 

I began my 4th year as director at the preschool and I still LOVE my job.  I drive 30 mins each way- I wouldn't if I didn't love it :)  

My hubby started a new job (finally!).  He's driving a box truck making automotive deliveries all over Oregon.  His company appreciates him and that's something he didn't have before. They told him "thank you" on his first day and he teared up- in the 5 years at the other company, no one ever told him that.  Amazing how being considerate and polite will get you happier employees.... hmmm... :)

The baby turned 2.  When did that happen?! The Baby and the Kinder have the same size waist... The Baby had a Train-themed party and it was a lot of fun. :)  

Yes... that is a chip on his head.... Yes, I took the picture and then told him to take it off... at least it wasn't dipped in guacamole when he placed it on his head. :) 

So that's the quick "what's-happened-in-the-last-few-months-since-I-don't-follow-you-on-Facebook" :)
I promise to write more. :)

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