Monday, February 11, 2013


This is the Baby. 

The Baby now sleeps in his toddler bed and has since right before he turned 2 and crawled out of the crib.... no big deal... Except now he isn't taking a bottle (which is TOTALLY fine) and we had to sit in his room until he fell asleep.  (which totally sucks)  Some parents would say "let him cry it out," (my hubby included), but that seemed a little extreme... So we've begun a routine:  We hug and kiss and then I kiss all his stuffed animals in bed with him and then we do a prayer (short and sweet).  I turn his music on and leave the door open, telling him I'll come check on him if he lays quietly.  Last night, however, was part "ADORABLE!" and part "Procrastination"....

I told him that it's time to pray and he folded his hands and squinted his eyes shut.   I said "God, please let me sleep good tonight. Amen." After he said "More." Thinking that he wanted kisses, I oblige. He said "More." I ask, "More what?" He folds his hands and squints his eyes shut-he wants more praying!! So we pray " Bless mommy and daddy and CeCe (Sawyer)." I give him a kiss and he says "More" as he's folding his hands again. I tell him to try it on his own- say "Hi God. Amen." I leave the room and talk to Sawyer, overhearing "Hi Gah. Ameh" over and over again. Sooooo stinkin' cute :)

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